Cal D Chews 400mg

A delicious calcium supplement

Cal D Chewz is a delicious calcium soft chew which specially formulated to provide a blend of high calcium content to keep bones healthy & strong and vitamin D which helps to boost calcium absorption. Cal D Chew is derived from calcium carbonate and natural mineral complex (rich in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium derived from milk by unique isolation process) which are easy to absorb to the body. It increases compliance of taking calcium supplement since it is delicious and easy to take which is suitable for children. 



• Calcium 400mg
• Vitamin D 10IU



• Children 4 years old and above
• Adolescents 
• Pregnant & lactating women
• Post-menopausal women
• Men above 50 years old
• Osteoporosis patients
• People who lack calcium rich diet



• 2 chews daily for children
• 3 chews daily for adult