Established in 1982, Mega Lifesciences is engaged in manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing Medicines – Nutritional, Herbal, OTC-drugs & Prescription-drugs in developing countries. Mega Lifesciences is committed to provide quality products & services to our customers & consumers through constant improvement and innovation.Mega Lifesciences is a Thinking Organization that changes before it is forced to change & endeavor to grow beyond each of us. Our manufacturing facilities located in Thailand & Australia, have received international accreditation from reputed health authorities around the world with respect to good manufacturing practices. Currently we have offices in 18 Countries and we export to in Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, CIS-Countries, Latin America and Europe.

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Complementary Medicine / Supplements

Alerten Q100

Complete Soluble CoQ10 with 6x more absorption

Alerten Q50

CoQ10 -The Potent Energizer for Cell

Cal D Chews 400mg

A delicious calcium supplement


Important for cardiovascular health

E Nat 400

Natural Vitamin E for antioxidation

Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg

Provides essential fatty acids


Regenerates joint cartilage tissue

Flexsa 1500

Relief and Protection for Joints

Flexsa 750mg

Helps in rebuilding joint function


The active phytosome gingko biloba


Increases the body’s resistance to stress and fatigue


Complete skin nutrient for radiant and glowing skin everyday


Excellent source of Glutathione to enhance immunity

Livolin Forte

The Liver Protector

Maxx Omega

Improves joint mobility & reduces joint pain

Mega Fish Oil 1000mg

Improves general well being

Nat C

Low acid high strength Vitamin C complex


Treatment for disease caused by disturbances in calcium ...


relieves pain and promotes articular cartilage structure


The first oral natural depigmentation solution

Pynocare White

Healthy ravishing skin, from inside out