Avoid Allergy And Autoimmune Problems

IMMUPLEX Whey Protein
The Way To Stronger Immunity 

The ability to avoid many forms of illness and disease depends largely upon strong immunity. Research suggests that more is needed than a balanced diet to optimize immune function for maintaining good health and preventing disease.

In comparison to most protein sources, whey proteins are unique in their ability to optimize a number of key aspects of immune function.Whey proteins appear to modulate immune function by boosting glutathione (GSH) production in various tissues. GSH is the centerpiece of the body's defense system that regulates many aspects of the immune system. Therefore, the incorporation of whey proteins into the diet may help promote strong immunity and protect the health of active people of all ages as well as those with low immunity.

IMMUPLEX. containing Whey Protein Isolate, is an undenatured (undamaged) Whey Protein Isolate. IMMUPLEX contains short chain peptides (short chains of amino acids) that can by quickly absorbed by the body within 15 minutes of consumption. This provides a rapid release of amino acids into the bloodstream.



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