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Immuplex (6)

Source of whey protein isolate in Immuplex?

Cow’s milk.


What exactly is glutathione (GSH) and how is it important?

Whey has potent antioxidant activity, likely by contributing cysteine rich protein that aid in the synthesis of GSH. GSH is the master antioxidant of the body. Glutathione is a tri-peptide of the amino acids cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid. Tissue glutathione levels increase when cysteine levels increase within the cell.

Study has shown that virus infection could reduce host intracellular GSH concentration and oxidative stress is common consequence of virus infection. The role if the immune system is to reduce oxidative stress. Therefore an adequate supply of GSH is a crucial factor in the maintenance of an effective immune system.


What causes the decrease of glutathione (GSH)?

Poor diet, pollution, medication, radiation, stress, injury, trauma, burns, aging, infection etc.


How do we get glutathione (GSH)?

GSH is synthesized within the body from amino acids. Consuming protein is essential for the formation of GSH.


Can gout patient take Immuplex?

Milk is considered low purine food, therefore Immuplex may not have direct associate with gout. However they should take precaution when increase protein intake in their diet.


Can diabetes patient take Immuplex?

Yes. Immuplex used Sucralose, is a type of sugar substitute which suitable for diabetes patients. How does Immuplex affect sugar levels in diabetes patients?

Immuplex contains whey protein which has stimulating effect on insulin secretion in healthy and diabetes patients. This insulinotropic effect helps to reduce postprandial glycemia.


Will Immuplex cause weight gain?

Immuplex is rich in branch chain amino acids (BCAA). If a person takes Immuplex while undergo training/exercise, it will help in building muscle, decrease % body fat.


Can pregnant and lactating mothers take Immuplex?



Is Immuplex gluten free?



Is Immuplex suitable for vegetarian?

There are few types of vegetarian:
i) Lacto-vegetarian: Those whom can consume dairy product
ii) Lacto-ovo-vegetarian: Those whom can consume dairy and egg products
iii) Vegan: strictly on vegen diet

* Source of Immuplex is derived from cow’s milk, therefore it is suitable for lacto-vegetarian and lacto-ovo vegetarian. If the vegetarian practice is due to religion, it is subject to the person’s practice.


I’m lactose intolerance, can I take Immuplex?

Yes. Whey Protein Isolate contains between 90-95% pure protein with little to negligible lactose. And it is easy to digest. However, cow’s milk protein allergy patients need to avoid dairy products and look for alternative.


Is Immuplex halal?

The protein that extracted is halal certified. Immuplex is made in Australia and halal certification is not mandatory for FDA in Australia.


When is the best time to take Immuplex?

There is no ‘best time’ to take this product. It will be better absorbed if taken in empty stomach.


Is there any other flavour?

At present, we have only one flavour - Banana Vanilla. However, you can mix it with juices or other drinks for more fun taste.



A natural whey protein source that provides Glutathione to enhance immunity

IMMUPLEX WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE with 90-95% protein concentration


Provides excellent source of glutathione (GSH) provides high immunity against infections


Free from fat & carbohydrate - no weight gain but helps in lean muscle development


Suitable for vegetarians - obtained from natural cow milk


Suitable for lactose intolerant individuals


High quality and complete protein. Contains all of the essential and non-essential amino acids. Beneficial for tissue growth & repair


Easily dissolvable



Who can benefit? 

• Elderly
• Person who has low immunity/weak
• People with chronic disease such as diabetic, hypertension, and etc.
• Post-surgery patients
• People with severe wounds 
• Patients who need to increase protein intake
• Cancer patients



Immuplex Has Multiple Clinical Benefits 1,2




Whey protein reduces post prandial glycemia and promotes insulin release in healthy subjects.




Whey protein may provide benefit for normalizing blood pressure lipid levels.




Glutathione deficiency is common in individuals infected with HIV. Supplementation with whey protein improves glutathione levels. Change in glutathione levels was linear to the amount of whey protein ingested.




Supplementation with 30 g whey protein helped in regressing tumor in 2 patients, increased gluthathione levels in healthy cells and decreased glutathione in cancer cells In patients with Stage 4 malignancies, whey protein, supplemented 40g per day, for 6 months resulted in 16 survivors out of 20 patients, increased Natural Killer (NK) cell function, increase glutathione, hemoglobin and hematocrit levels and improved quality of life.




Markus et al reported the effects of alfa- lactalbumin on high and low stress vulnerable subjects by giving 20 g whey protein. Improved cognitive performances in the memory tests were observed in subjects receiving alfa - lactalbumin.




In patients with hepatitis B, 12g whey protein daily for 12 weeks resulted in decreased serum lipid peroxidation levels, increased IL-2 and NK activity, decreased serum alanine-transferase activity and increased plasma glutathione levels.




Men who consume whey protein whey protein while doing resistance training programs showed greater improvement in strength than those who did not but just had resistance training alone.




1. Jay RH & Michael RF, Protein-Which Is Best? Journal of Sport Science and Medicine, Vol. 3, 2004, 118-130
2. Keri M, Therapeutic Applications of Whey Protein. Alternative Medicine Review, Vol. 9 No. 2, 2004, 136-156



Quick Digestion

Whey Protein Isolate in IMMUPLEX is digested quickly when compared to other proteins such as concentrates or Casein from milk protein. WPI spikes amino acid levels in about an hour after ingestion. So this makes it the perfect protein in many situations.


IMMUPLEX Promotes Lean Muscle Growth

IMMUPLEX is rich in amino acids that are critical to developing and sustaining new muscle mass. Amino acids are chains of nitrogen containing sub-units that make up a protein. Whey Protein Isolate in IMMUPLEX has a superior amino acid profile with the following characteristics:


1. A Naturally Complete Protein

Whey Protein Isolate in IMMUPLEX is a naturally complete protein-meaning that it contains all of the Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) required in the daily diet. It has the ideal combination of amino acids to help improve body composition and enhance athletic performance.


2. High in Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Whey Protein Isolate in IMMUPLEX is a rich source of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), containing the highest known levels of any natural food source. BCAAs are important for building muscle mass since unlike the other essential amino acids, they are metabolized directly into muscle tissue and are the first ones used during periods of exercise and resistance training. IMMUPLEX provides the body with BCAAs to replenish depleted levels and start repairing and rebuilding lean muscle tissue.


3. Rich in Leucine

Whey Protein Isolate in IMMUPLEX is an excellent source of the essential amino acid Leucine that plays key role in promoting muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth. Research has shown that individuals who exercise benefit from diets high in Leucine and have more lean muscle tissue and less body fat compared to individuals whose diet contains lower levels of Leucine.


4. High Biological Value (BV)

IMMUPLEX contains Whey protein Isolate that is easily digested and utilized by the body. Biological Value (BV) is a term you will see used oftem with regards to protein powders.

BV is a measure of the efficiency with which protein can be absorbed and utilized by the body for tissue growth - the higher the value the greater the efficiency.


Here is a snapshot of the Biological Values of Protein sources from other food sources that confirm nothing is better than Whey Protein Isolate- 

Food Source   Biological Value
Egg   100
Milk (casein & whey)   85
Beef proteins   approx 75
Whey Protein Concentrate   approx 104
Whey Protein Isolate   approx 170



IMMUPLEX is High in Immune Boosting Protein Fractions


Whey Protein Isolate in IMMUPLEX provides the raw materials from which your body manufactures glutathione, an antioxidant your liver uses in its detoxification pathways. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps detoxify cancer-causing chemicals. The white blood cells also use glutathione for its detoxifying ability.

Whey Protein Isolate in IMMUPLEX also contains a globular protein called Immunoglobulin (Ig). Immunoglobulins are proteins found in whey protein powder that help the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign objects such as bacteria and viruses.

Lactoferrin is one of the components of the immune system of the body and is part of the innate defense, mainly at mucoses. Apart from its main biological function, namely binding and transport of iron ions, lactoferrin also has antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, catalytic, anti-cancer, anti-allergic and radio- protecting functions and properties.



The Role of Glutathione and Whey Proteins in Immunity

Glutathione (or GSH) is the body's own master antioxidant discovered way back in 1889. However, it was only about 30 years ago that the scientists began to understand its functions and discovered how to raise its levels.

GSH is a small protein molecule composed of 3 amino acids: cysteine, glutamate, and glycine called GSH precursors or building blocks. GSH is produced out of these three precursors in every cell of the human body and performs many important roles.


Antioxidant - GSH is the body's master antioxidant, our bodies depend on GSH for the removal of toxins and GSH is at the heart of all immune functions. Other antioxidants in our body depend on GSH to function properly.

Detoxification - GSH detoxifies a large number of pollutants by binding to carcinogens, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and radiation by forming a soluble compound with the toxin that can then be excreted through the urine or bile.

Increased Energy - Our energy levels are a result of many factors (everything from the biochemical reactions taking place within our cells, to muscle function and even your sense of well-being).

Repair - Our body is constantly under attack from free radicals, some from external sources and some generated in our own body. GSH performs a vital role in repairing the damaged DNA, keeps the repair of our cells at a maximum and reduces the number of cell mutations that would occur otherwise.


GSH is at the heart of all immune functions and low GSH levels are seen in many diseases such as AIDS, advanced diabetes, and cancers. Raising and maintaining GSH levels can help minimize the risk of diseases.

Glutathione exists in reduced (GSH) and oxidized (GSSG) states. In healthy cells and tissue, more than 90% of the total Glutathione is in the reduced form (GSH) and less than 10% exists in the oxidized form (GSSG). An increased GSSG-to-GSH ratio is considered indicative of oxidative stress.

GSH has been clinically researched and proven to optimize your immune system, maximize the function of antioxidants, support your detoxification process at the cellular level, increase your energy levels and increase your strength and endurance.


Whey protein improves the immune system by boosting Glutathione (GSH) production in our tissues. Low GSH levels are seen in many deseases such as bacterial, viral and fungal and fungal infections, diabetes, cancers and etc. Did you know? GSH must be synthesized in our body using three types of amino acids (proteins): Cysteine + Glutamine + Glycine => Glutathione (GSH)


Whey Protein Isolate With Zinc & Selenium

Whey proteins improve Immune system by boosting Glutathione (GSH) production in our tissues. Glutathione protects cells against free radical damage caused by pollution, toxins, exercise and UV exposure.


GSH is the body's master antioxidant. Our body depends on GSH for the removal of toxins since GSH is at the heart of all immune functions. Other antioxidants in our body depend on GSH to function properly.


GSH detoxifies a large number of pollutants by binding to carcinogens, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and radiation by forming a soluble compound with the toxin that can then be excreted through the urine or bile.


Healthy growth and activity of immune cells depends on the availability of GSH. The protective activity of GSH is two-fold - it enhances the activity of immune cells and also functions as an antioxidant within them.

GSH enables the mitochondria of a cell to remain fully charged, enhancing muscle strength and endurance. Clinical trials have shown that lowering GSH in the mitochondria results in cell death.


GSH performs a vital role in repairing the damaged DNA, keeps the repair of our cells at a maximum and reduces the number of cell mutations that would occur otherwise.


GSH is at the heart of all immune functions and low GSH levels are seen in many diseases such as AIDS, advanced diabetes, and cancers. Raising and maintaining GSH levels can help minimize the risk of diseases.



IMMUPLEX Whey Protein
The Way To Stronger Immunity 

The ability to avoid many forms of illness and disease depends largely upon strong immunity. Research suggests that more is needed than a balanced diet to optimize immune function for maintaining good health and preventing disease.

In comparison to most protein sources, whey proteins are unique in their ability to optimize a number of key aspects of immune function.Whey proteins appear to modulate immune function by boosting glutathione (GSH) production in various tissues. GSH is the centerpiece of the body's defense system that regulates many aspects of the immune system. Therefore, the incorporation of whey proteins into the diet may help promote strong immunity and protect the health of active people of all ages as well as those with low immunity.

IMMUPLEX. containing Whey Protein Isolate, is an undenatured (undamaged) Whey Protein Isolate. IMMUPLEX contains short chain peptides (short chains of amino acids) that can by quickly absorbed by the body within 15 minutes of consumption. This provides a rapid release of amino acids into the bloodstream.